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Project Thor Hammers Away at Bringing Connectivity to Rural Colorado.

Thanks to the installation of a broadband fiber network, 14 Colorado mountain communities are now connected to the internet. The service went live earlier this week, reports AP News.

The network, referred to as Project Thor, is a 400 mile circuit originating in Denver and travelling north through Steamboat Springs and onward to Grant County. First conceived in 2014, the network is now operational, providing a capability of up to 400 gigabytes with the ability to take on extra capacity if needed. Thor will lend its strength to eliminate outages and deliver a more powerful signal than was previously available.

The state Department of Local Affairs for infrastructure contributed a $1 million grant, with an additional $270,000 in funding for a three year lease for the cable from the state transportation department. Local governments also contributed, allowing Thor to extend its reach by partnering with private internet providers.